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Is China Building A Time Machine?Is China Building A Time Machine?

If you watched the Director’s Cut of The Butterfly Effect, there’s a very different, a lot darker fate that awaits Evan. Rather than simply separating himself from Kayleigh altogether, Evan thinks that the world can be a lot higher off without him. This is supported by a deleted scene where a fortune teller actually tells him that he was “never meant to be,” and that he doesn’t also have a soul.

Kayleigh and Tommy stay a happy life with their mom, whereas Evan and Lenny stay associates through life. Eventually, the boys even turn into faculty roommates; though the awesome recollections of Ethan Suplee’s Thumper will live on eternally.

Which means I’ll have to fill out some pre-expedition paperwork with Tempus Fugit Insurance, so the inevitable harm claims get processed and paid in time. By time the ending to the Director’s Cut kicks in, the house film Evan’s watching is …