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AMEX and Delta Airlines Launch a BNPL Offering for Flight TicketsAMEX and Delta Airlines Launch a BNPL Offering for Flight Tickets

Original: American Express and Delta Air Lines introduce Buy now, pay later option for flight fares

Delta Air Lines and American Express have introduced a new payment option for customers called Pay Yourself Back. The new service allows customers to purchase flight fares on their credit cards and make payments over time.

The Buy Now, Pay Later option has already been introduced by several airlines, including United Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

Delta Air Lines has launched the service in partnership with American Express. Customers who use the option will receive a statement credit from American Express that is equal to the price of their flight fare. They will then be able to pay off the debt at a rate of 1% per month for up to 6 months.

The new payment method will be available for all Delta purchased flights between June 11 and September 8 this year, including basic …

Let’s talk about the Moco Museum, the youngest at Amsterdam’s Museumplein squareLet’s talk about the Moco Museum, the youngest at Amsterdam’s Museumplein square

We could say that Amsterdam is the artistic capital of the world. Great exponents of art were born in this city. However, not all people manage to understand that kind of artistic expression. This is the reason why in 2016 the Moco Museum was born, by Lionel and Kim Logchies, owners of the Lionel Gallery in Amsterdam. The main idea was to bring to locals and tourists a space where the art on display is contemporary, fun and connected to reality. If the story of the artist who cut off his ear doesn’t catch your attention, in Amsterdam’s Museumplein square you can find this particular museum. Its 3 floors and private garden are filled with all kinds of really original art. Have you ever seen a giant Gummy Bear? Here you will.

A space designed for those who don’t want to disconnect

If you can’t get disconnected from online life, …

Will Environmental Social Governance Affect The Financial Vibrancy?Will Environmental Social Governance Affect The Financial Vibrancy?

The globe is still grappling with the repercussions of the Covid-19 downturn, inflationary pressures, attempts by political or governance influences to substantially expand the height and reach of the federal govt, and mountains of public debt that attempt to expand at a dangerously high rate have questioned the brighter sides of Environmental Social Governance.

Increasingly, it is believed to be effective for corporations to emphasize on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. This suggests that ESG screening helps investors outperform the value of an investment and non-ESG counterparts. 

Is ESG Compliance A Blessing In Disguise?

To begin, putting into effect the ESG definition is ambiguous. Consider the subject of environmental degradation. It’s reasonable to assume that the head of a given council is open to hearing from businesses about their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, how can a business tell if its actions have such an effect? Obviously …

What to Know about the Isle of WightWhat to Know about the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a popular destination for holidays in the UK.  It has a great deal to offer tourists, and is often busy throughout the summer months.  Here are some key tips for your next trip to this tiny island!


The beaches on the Isle of Wight are particularly good, featuring clear sand and safe seas.  There is around 65 miles of coastline to explore on the Isle. Beaches are good for surfing, rockpooling, or simply relaxing on.  Some of the beaches are fairly secluded and quiet, whilst some are more popular and nearby to busy areas.  Ideal for people looking for a little variety on their beach holidays!


Considering how small the Isle of Wight is, there are plenty of attractions and activities to keep families occupied throughout their holiday.  From adventure parks and zoos, to castles, stately homes and museums, there is definitely something …

7 Places To Visit In The South Of France7 Places To Visit In The South Of France

Are you looking for a solid spot for your vacation? Then the south of France is your best bet. There, you will find historical monuments, medieval towns, boutiques, beach clubs, open-air markets, among many other attractions. There are also spectacular beaches, aquariums, small farms, classy hotels, all of which will secure you a magnificent and magical time.

Check AmonAvis for reviews on many of these places. Whenever you travel anywhere, however, make sure to keep to travel safety regulations. To set up all you need for your stay in France, you can contact station du Soleil. You can also check out their reviews on AmonAvis.

These beautiful places in the south of France provide you with an extraordinary and relaxing ambience. They are some of the best places to visit. Check them out here:

  1. French Riviera Seaside Resorts

These resorts boast several palm trees and sunny weather. Even the colour …

Relaxing Time at Khobar with Booking.comRelaxing Time at Khobar with

Located in the Eastern province of Saudia Arabia is Khobar, also known as the resort town. Khobar has attracted many tourists in the past years because of its resorts, hotels several beaches, and the largest malls in the country. If you are planning your holidays in a place where you get to relax more and shop more, especially in the Arabia peninsula, then Khobar is your place. Make your vacations hassle-free with where you can book your tickets to tourism places, hotels, and car rentals online. You can also avail cool discounts on all these services with the use of coupon code from

Shopping at Al Rashid:

If you love shopping and that too in peace, then shop at one of the largest malls in the country, Al Rashid Mall. The mall represents the Arabian culture and has outlets of international and local brands. After a good …

Have a Great Time in Water ParksHave a Great Time in Water Parks

No matter what your age is, you never think twice when you get an opportunity to visit an adventure world that have colorful water tubes and slides which forms amazing attractions. One reason why water slides are loved by everyone is that it is a real source of adventure and tends to give the same enjoyment every time. Although, many think that water slides are only for kids, this is, however, not the case. With Aquaventure ticket offers, you will experience water slides that are very adventurous and enjoying. A place which is divided both into land and water is some place that you will never want to miss in life.

Water Slides for Children

 For children, imagination is the best game and although, their water slides are of not much height, it creates a magical scene when they slide through these slides. For teenagers there are new adventures …

Artificial Intelligence for Businesses in the Light of ESGArtificial Intelligence for Businesses in the Light of ESG

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG), sustainability or responsible growth, is an investment, not a cost. The whole point of ESG is to demonstrate that you are a long-term organization that operates responsibly. This entails being transparent and adhering to ESG norms and policies in one’s business.

Businesses that are both profitable and socially responsible are called sustainable. Investors and consumers, as well as staff, local communities, and others are all stakeholders. For them, profit is a tool for increasing share value, social and environmental sustainability, rather than the be-all and end-all for a business itself.

ESG and AI

If we talk about AI implementation in the company, as Environment, Social, and Governance  practices suggests, it is crucial. Automating human-made decisions previously could have a tremendous impact on increasing efficiencies, spurring economic development, and alleviating many of society’s current challenges.

ESG studies suggest that over the last 200 years, technological …

Mykonian Escape At the Luxurious VillaMykonian Escape At the Luxurious Villa

Holidays are always something we wait for with great anxiety. However, planning your trip includes not only a planned journey with all the places of interest you want to see and activities you are going to try. 

Finding proper accommodation is the same essential part of a good vacation. The more comfortable your future holiday home will be the better impressions of a trip you will have. This is why booking a villa might be an ideal solution!

Villas In Mykonos. Spend Your Summer Vacation With Comfort!

Most of us don’t even bother about the place to live when it comes to planning the vacation. Booking a hotel room seems to be the only possible option, especially if you are travelling alone or together with your spouse/partner. 

However, living in a hotel, even though having many benefits and conveniences, lacks certain features that a private villa has. 

  1. When living in

Griffith Park Train RidesGriffith Park Train Rides

Los Angeles has quite exotic views and panoramic views of the city. In addition to Hollywood, there are several tourist areas that present the natural beauty of Los Angeles and the atmosphere of the city in the state of California. Los Angeles also provides several vehicle facilities that you can use to get around the city. You can take your family around Los Angeles. Here are some facilities that you can use!

The griffith park area presents stunning panoramic views and natural scenery. At this theme park, you can take a train that is ready to take you around Griffith Park and also see the beauty of the city of Los Angeles.

Address:4730 Crystal Springs Dr

Take the Metro Red Line subway to Hollywood adjacent to Griffith Park

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Sunset Ranch Hollywood

While Sunset Ranch Hollywood will invite visitors to see the beautiful atmosphere of the Hollywood hills. You …